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Hand-made Costumes

  For over a decade, Troi has been meticulously crafting Halloween costumes that bring beloved pop culture icons to life, all without any formal training. Each year, she spends months thoughtfully planning her creations, culminating in stunning replicas completed just in time for Halloween.

  In recent years, Troi has documented her exceptional costumes through high-quality photography, showcasing the intricate detail and dedication behind each piece. As her experience and expertise have grown, so too has the sophistication of her planning process, now incorporating detailed sketches, vision boards, and budget management. Remarkably, each costume is crafted for under $300, demonstrating that extraordinary creativity need not come with an extraordinary price tag.


Explore Troi’s collection and witness how her passion and ingenuity transform simple materials into captivating, iconic costumes from the realms of film, television, and beyond.

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