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 I am an artist who embraces the freedom to work with any medium that best suits the message I wish to convey. From oil paint and acrylic to clay, wood, and metal, each creation is a reflection of my desire to express myself authentically.


While I am primarily a self-taught artist of 15+ years, my dedication and passion for painting have driven me to produce captivating works for the past three years. My artistic style leans towards realism, though my ADHD often imbues it with elements of impressionism, adding an intriguing twist to each piece.

  Among all the mediums I explore, oil paint holds a special place in my heart. Its vibrant colors and easy blending enable me to breathe life into my ideas and emotions, elevating each artwork to a new level of expression.

  Art plays an integral role in my life, serving as a cathartic outlet and an anchor to my existence. It allows me to express myself authentically and without reserve.

The most challenging aspect of being an artist is the vulnerability that comes with sharing a part of yourself through your creations. Yet, it is this very vulnerability that creates a genuine connection with my audience.

  Ultimately, all I've ever sought in life is understanding and attunement, and I hope my art can embody and evoke these sentiments, resonating with hearts and minds across the globe.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. 

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